We're killing our oceans.
Let's make football plastic-free.

Because we have to start somewhere.


Plastic in our oceans

In just 30 years, our oceans will contain more plastic than fish (by weight). All life in our oceans are threatened. We can't be silent any longer.

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Being role models

Football players are idols and role models that both young and old look up and aspire to. The world of football can't keep promoting single-use plastic. Something needs to change.



Your club can join the fight today. It's easy:

  1. No more single-use plastic bottles at trainings and games.
  2. Refill station for visitors at games. No more single-use plastic for sale in the shop. We can help you set up sales of aluminum bottles with club and sponsor branding.

Step 1 means we won't see any more of:

Join the fight and we will help arrange aluminum bottles for your club, with club and sponsor branding. We can also help arrange refilling stations at the arena and training field.

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